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Who is Odessa?

Odessa Technologies, Inc. is a lease, loan and fleet management software provider and consulting company exclusively focused on the equipment and vehicle finance industries. The company’s 350 employees work across its headquarters in Philadelphia, USA and its operations in Bangalore, India. Since its incorporation in 1998, Odessa has emerged as a global leader in equipment and vehicle finance software technologies. Odessa’s flagship product, LeaseWave®, is an end-to-end, browser-based lease, loan and fleet management system designed to meet world-class standards of scalability and performance. LeaseWave® comprises of over 120 configurable modules built entirely on the Microsoft.NET platform with a true Services Oriented Architecture. The suite fully automates the operations and logistics of lease and loan management, while automatically carrying out all the accounting behind every transaction.

Trevally and Odessa have entered into a partnership for South Africa and surrounding countries. Trevally will serve as a marketing, implementation and post-production partner for the equipment and vehicle finance companies that run LeaseWave®.

Trevally Financial Software Solutions (Pty) Ltd ("Trevally") and Odessa Technologies, Inc. ("Odessa") have announced a strategic partnership establishing Trevally as a marketing, implementation and support partner of Odessa’s end-to-end lease, loan and fleet management platform, LeaseWave. The partnership will cater to organizations involved in equipment finance, vehicle and fleet leasing in South Africa and its surrounding countries.

“The leasing market in South Africa and its surrounding countries is evolving, resulting in a strong demand for new technology to support increasingly complex and rapidly growing operations” says John Lagaay, Director, Trevally. “After a comprehensive study that included all of the top global lease management systems, we identified LeaseWave as the best fit for this market, because of its unique combination of mature functionality, configurable design and state-of-the-art technology.”

“Trevally has extensive experience and established credibility in the financial services market in Southern Africa. We viewed this as essential to help our clients navigate the nuances related to tax, regulatory requirements, accounting practices and overall compliance in South Africa.” says Jay Mehra, COO of Odessa. “The partnership will render the benefits of a global lease management system to South African businesses through the power of local presence, support and knowledge.”

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Our Solutions

LeaseWave has always been specifically engineered to be customizable, such that it can tailor-fit every leasing business. Odessa’s design teams were always directed to prepare for unanticipated future changes. The system’s flexible design choices have been further supplemented by Odessa’s strong implementation processes and diversely-talented personnel. When relevant, an implementation has been divided up into carefully-executed phases (needs analysis, low-level design, development, user acceptance testing and deployment) with the relevant staff participating in each phase.
LeaseWave 4.0, the most recent system version, is the most customizable of all previous versions. Its technical underpinnings (including its loosely coupled layers, web-service enabled middleware, coarse-grained interfaces and extensible class design) all reflect that customizability was a specific design objective. Moreover, the application is now workflow-enabled, using an in-built engine that allows customers to themselves engineer the system to wrap around unique business processes, with an eye towards maximizing efficiency, security and control.
From its onset, Odessa has always recognized that to work successfully within a lease enterprise, LeaseWave needs to interact freely with outside systems. This has been the philosophy behind its use of industry-standard technologies. As a rule, no proprietary tools have ever been used for development. This allows for surround applications – and the personnel who support and build them – to easily work with the system. LeaseWave 4.0 has taken Odessa’s open development philosophy to the next level: the system has been designed with a true Services Oriented Architecture (SOA). The system’s middleware is wrapped around a web services layer allowing all business functions to be exposed to outside applications. This makes the system natively ready for integrations. Much like the system’s loosely-coupled presentation layer (which performs no substantive validations), external applications need simply to call XML-based web services to direct LeaseWave to perform a business function. Because the services are XML-based, they are interoperable. Read More